operation santa

every letter mailed to santa claus is technically undeliverable and should, by USPS guidelines, be destroyed. instead, the USPS sets these letters aside for people to read at the post office. some people respond with letters, and many respond with gifts. this is operation santa–a completely analog act of charity that's over a hundred years old.

for christmas 2017, we took it upon ourselves to launch operation santa for the digital age.

As copy lead, I worked with art, UX, the dev team, and a revolving door of seven project managers to create a complex experience that:

DeliverCheer.com - the user-facing mobile-first website for Operation Santa, where thousands of letters were published, read, and adopted

The North Pole Console - an internal database and QA tool to review and approve (or flag) redacted letters

(mrm//mccann for the united states postal service, christmas 2017)